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We, at Twin County Dorpers, are proud to offer you lean, tender and flavorful lamb grown to meet today’s high standards. Our animals are not grown in crowded pens, they range and browse for food over hundreds of acres of native Hill Country vegetation. We believe this environment is critical when producing high quality meats. Nothing genetically altered nor growth hormones are used to raise our animals. They are not finished on grains like lambs confined in feedlots. The herd is divided into groups and we strive to lamb throughout the year to supply consumers with a quality product, even though some seasons are harsher than others to raise new born lambs. Grass-fed lambs have less fat accumulation over the carcass and increased marbling in the meat resulting in a more tender and flavorful product. The flavor of the Dorper meat is mild, delicate, not at all overpowering, and we believe it surpasses the flavor of the meat from any other sheep breed. Dorper lamb is just NOT your traditional lamb product and you do not need to hide the meat behind complicated sauces or jelly!

Under the brand name Twin County, we offer whole lamb and the most popular cuts, fresh or frozen (when shipped out), professionally butchered, properly aged and packaged to highest standards at a U.S.D.A. approved meat processing facility.


Custom orders are available throughout the United States, shipped overnight. When available, you may also purchase fresh (non-frozen) meat. Contact us ahead of time to make arrangements. Orders can also be picked up directly at the ranch by appointment, in Harper, or in Fredericksburg (TX) with a little planning.

Please refer to the cut chart below to make your choices. You may place your order by telephone or e-mail. Once your order has been received, we will contact you to confirm your selection, price and shipping date. In most cases, your order will ship frozen overnight. Consider that it is best that it arrives before the week-end. Depending on your location and delivery option, payment can be by cash or check.

Telephone: 830/864-4717
E-mail: lewendel@ctesc.net

Order a whole lamb carcass if you are planning a big family reunion or a feast with friends. A lamb may be grilled very slowly on a heavy spit over coals, basted with a lemon, herbs and spices marinade, and periodically rotated. The aroma of the cooking meat is irresistible. This traditional formula, known in some countries as “mechoui”, is well known in the Northern African region (Morocco) where it is prepared for grand festivities and served with Mediterranean couscous (granular semolina) and several vegetables.

A half lamb can be prepared in a similar fashion, laid flat on one of those Texas-size BBQ pits, slowly roasted for hours on top of mesquite coals.

Nothing is more classic than a leg of lamb! It is usually prepared whole, slowly roasted, often marinated and served in its juice, but also excellent when cooked with only a few spices and herbs. There are many, many delicious recipes to fix a great Sunday meal to enjoy with your family, or one of those memorable Holiday dishes. From the leg we also obtain steaks and cubed meat ideal for grilling and for stews. The leg of lamb is available bone-in or boneless, whole or halved, to best suit your needs.

  The shoulder is a remarkably flavorful cut, often marinated with mixed herbs and spices and slowly stewed or braised with a variety of vegetables that later make a tasty sauce. This process only adds to the tenderness of the meat. This cut always comes out great and you always get many compliments on your cooking skills! 
I f you just feel like being fancy, braise some shanks! As for the shoulder, the shanks are often braised or roasted. However, they provide larger chunks of tender meat than the shoulder. You can leave them whole, or cut in 1 ½ inch thick slices that you can prepare “osso bucco” style. Guaranteed success!  
  L amb chops are the most tender, flavorful and juicy of the cuts. Moreover, they are perfect for every occasion and so quick and easy to prepare. They need nothing but salt and pepper to come out perfect, but you may dress them up with an herb, mustard and bread crumbs crust. They go well with any side dish, a simple and fresh salad, steamy couscous or vegetables au gratin are a few suggestions.
F or a truly elegant dining experience, serve a savory rack of lamb. This prime cut is sure to seduce everyone. Some would encrust the rack in herbs and roast it while others would marinate the meat in wine and seasonings and grill it. No matter the recipe, it is a sophisticated cut that always makes a beautiful presentation. Don’t overcook it!  
  Most Texans like their ribs basted with a sweet n’ spicy tomato sauce and slowly barbecued. Any way you fix them, lamb ribs are plain finger-licking good! Just make sure you share with your family members! We sell them in a package of 2 slabs. 
The meaty trim is used to produce ground lamb and lamb patties. There is a flurry of easy recipes where you can use ground lamb. We have suggested a few in our Recipe page. You may buy the trim and grind it yourself, or order our ground meat and ready-to-grill patties. For a quick meal, go for a lamb burger or meat balls, for something different, kick it up a notch and try, for example, one of our featured recipes of stuffed zucchini, egg plant... let your imagination do the rest.

We participate in several farmer's markets in our area. To know where to find us, you can join our mailing list. E-mail us to get the latest news and farmer's markets dates and locations.